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    The SANRU
    Rural Health Program of DR Congo
    A partnership program of
    Interchurch Medical Assistance (I.M.A.) and
    The Protestant Church of Congo (E.C.C.)
    The SANRU III project receives core funding from USAID/Kinshasa




    SANRU I and II (1981-1991) were bilateral projects funded by USAID and managed by ECC on behalf of the Ministry of Health to assist 100 of Congo’s 306 health zones. A typical health zone includes a population of 150,000 people, 200 villages, and 20 health centers. One-half of Congo’s HZs are co-managed by FBOs/NGOs, especially the Catholic and Protestant churches.

     Between 1981 and 1984 306 health zones were geographically defined. By 1987, with SANRU I/II assistance, more than 200 of these health zones become functional. While the political disruptions in Congo in 1991 forced USAID to terminate its assistance, the work of ECC continued with other partners and resources to help health zones continue their important work.

    The SANRU III project resulted from an unsolicited proposal submitted by I.M.A. and ECC to USAID/Kinshasa in 2000 to continue the work of SANRU. The project uses an integrated development approach to strengthen the capacity of sixty NGO-managed health zones for priority primary health care (PHC) interventions to a population of almost 10,000,000.



    Priority PHC interventions include the Ministry of Health’s basic package of services (vaccinations, growth monitoring, and pre-natal care); malaria, HIV/AIDS, nutrition/Vit. A, water/sanitation, and endemic diseases such as TB and Onchocerciasis.

    SANRU III also strengthens health zone support systems for planning, management, training, supervision, information, supply lines, cost recovery, and behavior change communications (see Ten Commandments of Health).


    SANRU assists national programs and other projects to implement their policies, protocols and training at the health zone level. In addition, I.M.A. has leveraged supplemental funding from its members and other partners, e.g. Pfizer, Merck, BD, etc. To date these partnerships have resulted in more than $15,000,000 of in-kind assistance.

     SANRU III is managed as a partnership between I.M.A. and ECC. I.M.A is responsible for the grants management, external procurements, and backstopping from the U.S. In Congo, the SANRU team based of approximately 50 persons based at ECC and regional offices is responsible for liaison with national programs and the Ministry of Health, development of technical guidelines and project strategies, distribution of assistance to the health zones, and providing support supervision.



    SANRU III Milestones:

       Aug. 2000: IMA/ECC submit SANRU III proposal to USAID/Kin. PC(USA) donates $150,000 for essential medicines.


      Dec. 2000. OFDA provides $1,000,000 for emergency assistance to 28 health zones for SANRU III startup phase.


      May 2001: I.M.A./ECC sign $25 million cooperative agreement with USAID/Kin.


      Jan. 2003: I.M.A./ECC sign $11 million contract for the PMURR project with Bceco to assist 11 health zones with World Bank funding.


      Aug. 2003: SANRU hold a Colloque National on Rebuilding PHC in DR Congo with 200 participants - the first such event in DRC in 14 years!


      Sept. 2004: The “Ten Commandments of Health” soccer ball becomes a reality.


      Jan. 2005: SANRU organizes a national meeting of all its assisted health zones.


      Sep. 2006: SANRU III successfully closes and the AXxes project begins


     SANRU has now become an umbrella program of the ECC-DOM Medical Office for a whole portfolio of projects (see below). The creation of SANRU NGO is also in the works.



    Contact Information:



    This website includes past and current information about the SANRU project. E-mail contact to:

       E-mail: LeonKintaudi@sanru.org (Leon Kintaudi)

                   Clemmer@sanru.org (Bill Clemmer)



    This is the official of the Ministry of Health of DR Congo.



    Interchurch Medical  Assistance is an association of twelve Protestant relief and development agencies dedicated to improving the quality and availability of health care for the poor in developing countries. 


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SANRU (Sant Rurale) is a partnership program of the Protestant Church of Congo (ECC) and Interchurch Medical Assistance (I.M.A.) to improve health care in DR Congo through health zone development, especially in rural areas.

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